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Biden to Restore a White House Tradition of Presidential Pets

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. is expected to restore a time-honored tradition of having a presidential pet at the White House.

候任总统小约瑟夫·R·拜登(Joseph R. Biden Jr.)将恢复总统在白宫养宠物的悠久传统。

Starting in January, the Biden family’s two German shepherds, Champ and Major, will roam the executive residence.


President Trump was the first president in more than a century not to have a pet of any kind, Andrew Hager, the historian-in-residence at the Presidential Pet Museum, said.

总统宠物博物馆(Presidential Pet Museum)的驻馆历史学家安德鲁·哈格(Andrew Hager)说,特朗普总统是一个多世纪以来第一位没有养任何种类宠物的总统。

In 2008, the Biden family got a German shepherd puppy from a breeder after Mr. Biden was elected vice president, according to Politico. The Bidens named the dog Champ because Mr. Biden’s father had told him growing up, “Get up, champ,” when his life was challenging.


In 2018, the Biden family adopted their former foster dog, Major, from the Delaware Humane Association.

2018年,拜登一家从特拉华州人道协会(Delaware Humane Association)收养了一只前寄养狗——“少校”。

Mr. Biden would not be the first to have an adopted dog in the White House. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s mixed-breed dog, Yuki, was found by his daughter at a Texas gas station.

“少校”并不是白宫第一只被领养的狗。林登·约翰逊(Lyndon B. Johnson)总统有一只叫小雪(Yuki)的混种狗,是他的女儿在德克萨斯州一个加油站发现的。

In 2016, Lois Pope, a philanthropist for veterans and animals in Palm Beach, Fla., said she had offered Mr. Trump a goldendoodle puppy named Patton, after George Patton, the World War II general that Mr. Trump has said he admires, The Washington Post reported.

据《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)报道,2016年,佛罗里达州棕榈滩的退伍军人和动物慈善家洛伊斯·波普(Lois Pope)说她曾想送给特朗普一只名为巴顿(Patton)的金德利犬。巴顿是以二战将军乔治·巴顿(George Patton)的名字命名的,而特朗普曾表示仰慕巴顿。

At a February 2019 rally in El Paso, Mr. Trump said that he didn’t have a dog because he didn’t have time, and felt it would be “phony” for him to get one for political reasons.


“You do love your dogs, don’t you?” Mr. Trump said. “I wouldn’t mind having one, honestly, but I don’t have any time. How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?”


Mr. Biden’s dog Major reflects a broader trend of Americans adopting pets from shelters and how they feel about animal rights, Mr. Hager said.


“In a way, I’ve made the argument that you can look at the history of Americans and animals by looking at the president and their pets,” he said.


Mr. Biden occasionally posts about Champ and Major on social media.


“No ruff days on the campaign trail when I have some Major motivation,” Mr. Biden wrote on Instagram last month.


There was even a separate campaign called Dog Lovers for Joe. Its slogan: “Choose your humans wisely.”

甚至还有一个名为“爱狗人士支持乔”(Dog Lovers for Joe)的活动。它的口号是:“明智地选择你的人类。”

“Red state or Blue state, we all can agree on the power of dogs,” the website said. “It’s time we had a dog-lover back in the White House.”


From the earliest days of the country’s formation, pets have been a tradition for presidents.


President Theodore Roosevelt owned dozens of animals, including a one-legged rooster, snakes, guinea pigs, kangaroo rats and horses, said Jennifer B. Pickens, the author of “Pets at the White House.”

《白宫宠物》(Pets at the White House)一书的作者詹妮弗·B·皮肯斯(Jennifer B. Pickens)说,西奥多·罗斯福(Theodore Roosevelt)总统养了几十种动物,其中包括一只独腿公鸡,还有一些蛇、豚鼠、更格卢鼠和马。

One of the oddest White House pets was a raccoon later named Rebecca that was sent to President Calvin Coolidge to be served at Thanksgiving dinner. In November 1926, Mr. Coolidge pardoned the raccoon and adopted it.

白宫最奇怪的宠物之一是一只后来被命名为丽贝卡(Rebecca)的浣熊,它本应被送到卡尔文·柯立芝(Calvin Coolidge)总统的感恩节晚餐上。1926年11月,柯立芝总统赦免了浣熊并收养了它。

Pets humanize the presidency and help people relate to their owners. Dogs make for cuddly presidential props and provide companionship when presidents make tough decisions, Ms. Pickens said.


During President Richard M. Nixon’s vice-presidential bid in 1952, he weathered a financial-improprieties scandal, partly because he spoke about his dog, Checkers.

在1952年竞选副总统期间,理查德·M·尼克松(Richard M. Nixon)总统撑过了一桩财务不正当丑闻,部分原因是他谈到了他的狗“西洋棋”(Checkers)。

President Herbert Hoover’s stuffy, stilted image improved when he humanized himself by releasing a photograph in which he held his German shepherd, King Tut.

在赫伯特·胡佛(Herbert Hoover)总统公布了一张他抱着他的德国牧羊犬图坦王(King Tut)的照片后,他也将自己人性化,改善了自己古板僵硬的形象。

President Barack Obama and his family brought Bo, and then Sunny, Portuguese water dogs, into the White House. They were beloved, even after Sunny knocked down a 2-year-old visitor.

贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)总统和他的家人把两只葡萄牙水犬“波”(Bo)和“桑尼”(Sunny)带进了白宫。即使在桑尼撞倒了一个两岁的客人之后,它们还是深受人们的喜爱。

“Americans have always had pets, so the White House has always had pets,” Ms. Pickens said.


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