The Children of Pornhub

This article contains descriptions of sexual assault.


Pornhub prides itself on being the cheery, winking face of naughty, the website that buys a billboard in Times Square and provides snow plows to clear Boston streets. It donates to organizations fighting for racial equality and offers steamy content free to get people through Covid-19 shutdowns.


That supposedly “wholesome Pornhub” attracts 3.5 billion visits a month, more than Netflix, Yahoo or Amazon. Pornhub rakes in money from almost three billion ad impressions a day. One ranking lists Pornhub as the 10th-most-visited website in the world.


Yet there’s another side of the company: Its site is infested with rape videos. It monetizes child rapes, revenge pornography, spy cam videos of women showering, racist and misogynist content, and footage of women being asphyxiated in plastic bags. A search for “girls under18” (no space) or “14yo” leads in each case to more than 100,000 videos. Most aren’t of children being assaulted, but too many are.

然而,这家公司也有另一面:它的网站上充斥着强奸视频。它将强奸儿童、复仇式色情、偷拍女性洗澡、种族主义和厌女内容、以及妇女被困在塑料袋里窒息的片段当作盈利手段。每次搜索“girls under18”(女孩 不满18)或者“14yo”(14岁)都能得到超过10万条视频结果。大多数内容并非性侵儿童,但仍然有太多的确是。

After a 15-year-old girl went missing in Florida, her mother found her on Pornhub — in 58 sex videos. Sexual assaults on a 14-year-old California girl were posted on Pornhub and were reported to the authorities not by the company but by a classmate who saw the videos. In each case, offenders were arrested for the assaults, but Pornhub escaped responsibility for sharing the videos and profiting from them.


Pornhub is like YouTube in that it allows members of the public to post their own videos. A great majority of the 6.8 million new videos posted on the site each year probably involve consenting adults, but many depict child abuse and nonconsensual violence. Because it’s impossible to be sure whether a youth in a video is 14 or 18, neither Pornhub nor anyone else has a clear idea of how much content is illegal.


Unlike YouTube, Pornhub allows these videos to be downloaded directly from its website. So even if a rape video is removed at the request of the authorities, it may already be too late: The video lives on as it is shared with others or uploaded again and again.


“Pornhub became my trafficker,” a woman named Cali told me. She says she was adopted in the United States from China and then trafficked by her adoptive family and forced to appear in pornographic videos beginning when she was 9. Some videos of her being abused ended up on Pornhub and regularly reappear there, she said.


“I’m still getting sold, even though I’m five years out of that life,” Cali said. Now 23, she is studying in a university and hoping to become a lawyer — but those old videos hang over her.


“I may never be able to get away from this,” she said. “I may be 40 with eight kids, and people are still masturbating to my photos.”


“You type ‘Young Asian’ and you can probably find me,” she added.

“你输入‘Young Asian’(年轻亚洲人),可能就会找到我,”她补充道。

Actually, maybe not. Pornhub recently was offering 26,000 videos in response to that search. That doesn’t count videos that show up under “related searches” that Pornhub suggests, including “young tiny teen,” “extra small petite teen,” “tiny Asian teen” or just “young girl.” Nor does it necessarily count videos on a Pornhub channel called “exploited teen Asia.”

实际上,可能找不到。最近,Pornhub为这一词条搜索提供了2.6万条视频结果。但这不包括Pornhub提供的“相关搜索”建议下出现的视频,包括“young tiny teen”(娇小青少年)、“extra small petite teen”(特别娇小的青少年)、“tiny Asian teen”(娇小亚洲青少年),或直接是“young girl”(小女孩)。它也不一定将那个名为“欺辱亚洲青少年”的Pornhub频道里的视频算进去。

The issue is not pornography but rape. Let’s agree that promoting assaults on children or on anyone without consent is unconscionable. The problem with Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein was not the sex but the lack of consent — and so it is with Pornhub.

这里的问题不在色情,而在强奸。我们都认同一件事,即未经同意对儿童或任何人的侵犯行为进行推广是不对的。比尔·考斯比(Bill Cosby)或哈维·韦恩斯坦(Harvey Weinstein)或杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的问题不在于性行为,而在于没有得到同意——Pornhub也是如此。

I came across many videos on Pornhub that were recordings of assaults on unconscious women and girls. The rapists would open the eyelids of the victims and touch their eyeballs to show that they were nonresponsive.


Pornhub profited this fall from a video of a naked woman being tortured by a gang of men in China. It is monetizing video compilations with titles like “Screaming Teen,” “Degraded Teen” and “Extreme Choking.” Look at a choking video and it may suggest also searching for “She Can’t Breathe.”


It should be possible to be sex positive and Pornhub negative.


Pornhub declined to make executives available on the record, but it provided a statement. “Pornhub is unequivocally committed to combating child sexual abuse material, and has instituted a comprehensive, industry-leading trust and safety policy to identify and eradicate illegal material from our community,” it said. Pornhub added that any assertion that the company allows child videos on the site “is irresponsible and flagrantly untrue.”




At 14, Serena K. Fleites was an A student in Bakersfield, Calif., who had never made out with a boy. But in the eighth grade she developed a crush on a boy a year older, and he asked her to take a naked video of herself. She sent it to him, and this changed her life.

14岁那年,塞琳娜·K·弗莱特斯(Serena K. Fleites)还是加州贝克斯菲尔德市的优等生,从来都没与男生亲热过。但在八年级时,她迷上了一个大她一岁的男生,他让她拍了一段裸露视频。她把视频发给了他,这改变了她的一生。

He asked for another, then another; she was nervous but flattered. “That’s when I started getting strange looks in school,” she remembered. He had shared the videos with other boys, and someone posted them on Pornhub.


Fleites’s world imploded. It’s tough enough to be 14 without having your classmates entertain themselves by looking at you naked, and then mocking you as a slut. “People were texting me, if I didn’t send them a video, they were going to send them to my mom,” she said.


The boy was suspended, but Fleites began skipping class because she couldn’t bear the shame. Her mother persuaded Pornhub to remove the videos, and Fleites switched schools. But rumors reached the new school, and soon the videos were uploaded again to Pornhub and other websites.


Fleites quarreled with her mother and began cutting herself. Then one day she went to the medicine cabinet and took every antidepressant pill she could find.


Three days later, she woke up in the hospital, frustrated to be still alive. Next she hanged herself in the bathroom; her little sister found her, and medics revived her.


As Fleites spiraled downward, a friend introduced her to meth and opioids, and she became addicted to both. She dropped out of school and became homeless.


At 16, she advertised on Craigslist and began selling naked photos and videos of herself. It was a way to make a bit of money, and maybe also a way to punish herself. She thought, “I’m not worth anything any more because everybody has already seen my body,” she told me.


Those videos also ended up on Pornhub. Fleites would ask that they be removed. They usually would be, she says — but then would be uploaded again. One naked video of her at 14 had 400,000 views, she says, leaving her afraid to apply for fast-food jobs for fear that someone would recognize her.


So today Fleites, 19, off drugs for a year but unemployed and traumatized, is living in her car in Bakersfield, along with three dogs that have proved more loyal and loving than the human species. She dreams of becoming a vet technician but isn’t sure how to get there. “It’s kind of hard to go to school when you’re living in a car with dogs,” she said.


“I was dumb,” she acknowledged, noting that she had never imagined that the videos could be shared online. “It was one small thing that a teenager does, and it’s crazy how it turns into something so much bigger.


“A whole life can be changed because of one little mistake.”




The problem goes far beyond one company. Indeed, a rival of Pornhub, XVideos, which arguably has even fewer scruples, may attract more visitors. Depictions of child abuse also appear on mainstream sites like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. And Google supports the business models of companies that thrive on child molestation.


Google returns 920 million videos on a search for “young porn.” Top hits include a video of a naked “very young teen” engaging in sex acts on XVideo along with a video on Pornhub whose title is unprintable here.

在谷歌搜索“young porn”(青少年色情)会得到9.2亿条视频结果。最热门的结果包括XVideo上一个“年纪非常小的青少年”赤裸参与性行为的视频,以及Pornhub上一个标题不宜刊印的视频。

I asked the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to compile the number of images, videos and other content related to child sexual exploitation reported to it each year. In 2015, it received reports of 6.5 million videos or other files; in 2017, 20.6 million; and in 2019, 69.2 million.

我要求全美失踪和受虐儿童中心(National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)统计每年向其报告的与儿童性剥削有关的图片、视频和其他内容的数量。2015年,他们共收到650万份视频或其他文件的报告;2017年为2060万;2019年,6920万。

Facebook removed 12.4 million images related to child exploitation in a three-month period this year. Twitter closed 264,000 accounts in six months last year for engaging in sexual exploitation of children. By contrast, Pornhub notes that the Internet Watch Foundation, an England-based nonprofit that combats child sexual abuse imagery, reported only 118 instances of child sexual abuse imagery on its site over almost three years, seemingly a negligible figure. “Eliminating illegal content is an ongoing battle for every modern content platform, and we are committed to remaining at the forefront,” Pornhub said in its statement.

今年,Facebook在三个月内删除了1240万张与剥削儿童有关的图片。去年,Twitter在六个月内关闭了26.4万个涉嫌儿童性剥削的账号。相较之下,Pornhub声称,总部设在英国、致力于打击儿童性虐待图像的非营利组织互联网观察基金会(Internet Watch Foundation)报告称,近三年来,其网站上仅有118起案例涉及儿童性虐待图像,这似乎是一个微不足道的数字。“对于每一家现代内容平台来说,消除违法内容都是一场持久战,我们承诺将站在这场战斗的最前线,”Pornhub在其声明中表示。

The Internet Watch Foundation couldn’t explain why its figure for Pornhub is so low. Perhaps it’s because people on Pornhub are inured to the material and unlikely to report it. But if you know what to look for, it’s possible to find hundreds of apparent child sexual abuse videos on Pornhub in 30 minutes. Pornhub has recently offered playlists with names including “less than 18,” “the best collection of young boys” and “under- – age.”


Congress and successive presidents have done almost nothing as this problem has grown. The tech world that made it possible has been mostly passive, in a defensive crouch. But pioneering reporting in 2019 by my Times colleagues has prodded Congress to begin debating competing strategies to address child exploitation.


Concerns about Pornhub are bubbling up. A petition to shut the site down has received 2.1 million signatures. Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, called on the Justice Department to investigate Pornhub. PayPal cut off services for the company, and credit card companies have been asked to do the same. An organization called Traffickinghub, led by an activist named Laila Mickelwait, documents abuses and calls for the site to be shut down. Twenty members of Canada’s Parliament have called on their government to crack down on Pornhub, which is effectively based in Montreal.

对Pornhub的担忧正在加剧。要求关闭该网站的请愿已经收到了210万人的签名。内布拉斯加州共和党参议员本·萨斯(Ben Sasse)呼吁司法部对Pornhub进行调查。贝宝(PayPal)已经终止了对该公司的服务,信用卡公司也被要求这么做。由活动人士莱拉·米克尔韦特(Laila Mickelwait)领导的机构Traffickinghub记录了这些虐待行为,并呼吁关闭该网站。加拿大议会的20位成员呼吁政府打击Pornhub,其总部正好位于蒙特利尔。

“They made money off my pain and suffering,” an 18-year-old woman named Taylor told me. A boyfriend secretly made a video of her performing a sex act when she was 14, and it ended up on Pornhub, the police confirmed. “I went to school the next day and everybody was looking at their phones and me as I walked down the hall,” she added, weeping as she spoke. “They were laughing.”


Taylor said she has twice attempted suicide because of the humiliation and trauma. Like others quoted here, she agreed to tell her story and help document it because she thought it might help other girls avoid suffering as she did.




Pornhub is owned by Mindgeek, a private pornography conglomerate with more than 100 websites, production companies and brands. Its sites include Redtube, Youporn, XTube, SpankWire, ExtremeTube, Men.com, My Dirty Hobby, Thumbzilla, PornMD, Brazzers and GayTube. There are other major players in porn outside the Mindgeek umbrella, most notably XHamster and XVideos, but Mindgeek is a porn titan. If it operated in another industry, the Justice Department could be discussing an antitrust case against it.

Pornhub由Mindgeek所有,后者是一家私营色情内容集团,旗下拥有超过100家网站、制作公司和品牌。其网站包括Redtube、Youporn、XTube、SpankWire、ExtremeTube、Men.com、My Dirty Hobby、Thumbzilla、PornMD、Brazzers和GayTube。除了Mindgeek的麾下企业之外,色情产业中还有其他重要的公司,最著名就是XHamster和XVideos,但Mindgeek绝对是一个色情巨头。如果换个行业,司法部可能都已经在讨论针对它的反托拉斯诉讼了。

Pornhub and Mindgeek also stand out because of their influence. One study this year by a digital marketing company concluded that Pornhub was the technology company with the third greatest-impact on society in the 21st century, after Facebook and Google but ahead of Microsoft, Apple and Amazon.


Nominally based in Luxembourg for tax reasons, Mindgeek is a private company run from Montreal. It does not disclose who owns it, but it is led by Feras Antoon and David Tassillo, both Canadians, who declined to be interviewed.

由于税收原因,Mindgeek名义上设在卢森堡,实际上是一家位于蒙特利尔的私营公司。它没有公开所有者的姓名,但其负责人费拉斯·安东(Feras Antoon)和大卫·塔西洛(David Tassillo)都是加拿大籍,两人都拒绝接受采访。

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada calls himself a feminist and has been proud of his government’s efforts to empower women worldwide. So a question for Trudeau and all Canadians: Why does Canada host a company that inflicts rape videos on the world?

加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)自称是女权主义者,并对其政府为全球女性赋权的努力感到自豪。因此,这里有一个问题要问特鲁多和所有加拿大人:为什么加拿大会有一家向全世界传播强奸视频的公司?

Mindgeek’s moderators are charged with filtering out videos of children, but its business model profits from sex videos starring young people.


“The goal for a content moderator is to let as much content as possible go through,” a former Mindgeek employee told me. He said he believed that the top executives weren’t evil but were focused above all on maximizing revenue.


While Pornhub would not tell me how many moderators it employs, I interviewed one who said that there are about 80 worldwide who work on Mindgeek sites (by comparison, Facebook told me it has 15,000 moderators). With 1.36 million new hours of video uploaded a year to Pornhub, that means that each moderator would have to review hundreds of hours of content each week.


The moderators fast forward through videos, but it’s often difficult to assess whether a person is 14 or 18, or whether torture is real or fake. Most of the underage content involves teenagers, the moderator I spoke with said, but some comes from spy cams in toilets or changing rooms and shows children only 8 to 12.


“The job in itself is soul-destroying,” the moderator said.


Pornhub appears to be increasingly alarmed about civil or criminal liability. Lawyers are circling, and nine women sued the company in federal court after spy cam videos surfaced on Pornhub. The videos were shot in a locker room at Limestone College in South Carolina and showed women showering and changing clothes.

Pornhub似乎对民事或刑事责任愈发警觉。律师们在周围盘旋,并且在偷拍摄像头的视频在Pornhub上出现后,有九名女性在联邦法庭对该公司提起诉讼。这些视频是在南卡罗来纳州州的莱姆斯顿学院(Limestone College)的更衣室拍摄的,里面有女性在洗澡和换衣服的画面。

Executives of Pornhub appear in the past to have assumed that they enjoyed immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects internet platforms on which members of the public post content. But in 2018 Congress limited Section 230 so that it may not be enough to shield the company, leading Mindgeek to behave better.

在过去,Pornhub的高管似乎认为,他们享受《通信规范法案》(Communications Decency Act)第230节赋予的豁免权。该法案保护有公众发布内容的互联网平台。但在2018年,国会对第230节做出了限制,因此不足以保护该公司,这也让Mindgeek做出了更好的表现。

It has doubled the number of moderators in the last couple of years, the moderator told me, and this year Pornhub began voluntarily reporting illegal material to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. After previously dragging its feet in removing videos of children and nonconsensual content, Pornhub now is responding more rapidly.

接受采访的审核员告诉我,在过去的几年间,该公司将审核员的数量增加了一倍,并且在今年,Pornhub开始主动向全美失踪和受虐儿童中心(National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)报告非法内容。在此前撤下儿童视频和非知情同意内容方面行动迟缓之后,Pornhub如今反应更加迅速。

It has also compiled a list of banned content. I obtained a copy of this list, and it purports to bar videos with terms or themes like “rape,” “preteen,” “pedophilia” and “bestiality” (it helpfully clarifies that this “includes eels, fish, octopus, insects”). Diapers are OK “if no scatophilia.” Mutilation depends on context but “cannot depict severing parts of the body.”


So while it is now no longer possible to search on Pornhub in English using terms like “underage” or “rape,” the company hasn’t tried hard to eliminate such videos. A member called “13yoboyteen” is allowed to post videos. A search for “r*pe,” turns up 1,901 videos. “Girl with braces” turns up 1,913 videos and suggests also trying “exxxtra small teens.” A search for “13yo” generates 155,000 videos. To be clear, most aren’t of 13-year-olds, but the fact that they’re promoted with that language seems to reflect an effort to attract pedophiles.

因此,尽管如今无法在Pornhub上用英文搜索“underage”(未成年)或“rape”(强奸),但该公司仍然没有努力删除此类视频。一位名为“13yoboyteen”(13岁男孩少年)的用户可以发布视频。搜索“r*pe”可以出现1901个视频。搜索“Girl with braces”(戴牙套女孩)可以出现1913个视频,并且联想功能还会出现“exxxtra small teens”(超小青少年)。搜索“13yo”(13岁)会出现15.5万个视频。要说明一点,这些视频大多数并非13岁青少年,但视频通过这种语言来宣传,似乎反映出他们在试图吸引恋童癖。

Moreover, some videos seem at odds with the list of banned content. “Runaway Girl Gets Ultimatum, Anal or the Streets” is the title of one Pornhub video. Another user posts videos documenting sex with teenage girls as they weep, protest and cry out in pain.

此外,一些视频似乎并没有遵守被禁内容列表。《离家出走的女孩收到最后通牒,选择肛交还是被赶到大街上》(Runaway Girl Gets Ultimatum, Anal or the Streets)是Pornhub上一则视频的标题。另一位用户发布的视频记录下了与正在啜泣、抗议和因为疼痛哭喊的十几岁女孩发生性关系的画面。

While Pornhub is becoming more careful about videos of potentially litigious Americans, it remains cavalier about overseas victims. One Indonesian video is titled “Junior High School Girl After Class” and shows what appears to be a young teenager having sex. A Chinese sex video, just taken down, was labeled: “Beautiful High School Girl Is Tricked by Classmates and Taken to the Top of a Building Where She Is Insulted and Raped.”

尽管Pornhub可能愈发小心对待这些爱打官司的美国人,但公司对海外受害者不闻不问。一个标题为《下课后的初中女生》(Junior High School Girl After Class)的印度尼西亚视频里面,一名年龄很小的青少年正在进行性交。一则刚刚被撤下的中国视频被标为“Beautiful High School Girl Is Tricked by Classmates and Taken to the Top of a Building Where She Is Insulted and Raped”(漂亮高中女孩被同学骗到顶楼侮辱强奸)。

“They’re making money off the worst moment in my life, off my body,” a Colombian teenager who asked to be called Xela, a nickname, told me. Two American men paid her when she was 16 for a sexual encounter that they filmed and then posted on Pornhub. She was one of several Pornhub survivors who told me they had thought of or attempted suicide.


In the last few days as I was completing this article, two new videos of prepubescent girls being assaulted were posted, along with a sex video of a 15-year-old girl who was suicidal after it went online. I don’t see how good-faith moderators could approve any of these videos.




“It’s always going to be online,” Nicole, a British woman who has had naked videos of herself posted and reposted on Pornhub, told me. “That’s my big fear of having kids, them seeing this.”


That’s a recurring theme among survivors: An assault eventually ends, but Pornhub renders the suffering interminable.


Naked videos of Nicole at 15 were posted on Pornhub. Now 19, she has been trying for two years to get them removed.


“Why do videos of me from when I was 15 years old and blackmailed, which is child porn, continuously [get] uploaded?” Nicole protested plaintively to Pornhub last year, in a message. “You really need a better system. … I tried to kill myself multiple times after finding myself reuploaded on your website.”


Nicole’s lawyer, Dani Pinter, says there are still at least three naked videos of Nicole at age 15 or 16 on Pornhub that they are trying to get removed.

妮可的律师丹尼·平特(Dani Pinter)说Pornhub上至少还有三个妮可15或16岁时候的视频,他们还在试图让该网站将其删除。

“It’s never going to end,” Nicole said. “They’re getting so much money from our trauma.”


Pornhub has introduced software that supposedly can “fingerprint” rape videos and prevent them from being uploaded again. But Vice showed how this technology is easily circumvented on Pornhub.


One Pornhub scandal involved the Girls Do Porn production company, which recruited young women for clothed modeling gigs and then pushed them to perform in sex videos, claiming that the videos would be sold only as DVDs in other countries and would never go online. Reassured that no one would ever know, some of the women agreed — and then were shattered when the footage was aggressively marketed on Pornhub.

Pornhub的一个丑闻涉及Girls Do Porn制作公司,该公司会招募年轻女子进行从事穿着衣服的模特工作,然后会推动她们去性视频里表演,并称这些视频只会作为DVD在其他国家出售,绝不会被放上网。在得到不会被人知道的保证后,一些女子会同意——然后当这些画面在Pornhub上被大肆推广时,她们备受打击。

Girls Do Porn was prosecuted for sex trafficking and shut down. But those videos continue to surface and resurface on Pornhub; last time I checked, videos of six victims of Girls Do Porn were on Pornhub, which continues to profit from them.

Girls Do Porn因性交易遭到起诉,并被关停,但那些视频仍然在Pornhub上不断出现。我上一次查看的时候,Girls Do Porn六名受害人的视频还在Pornhub上,该公司仍在通过这些视频获利。

One of the Girls Do Porn women I saw on Pornhub is now dead. She was murdered at 20, allegedly by an angry ex-boyfriend who is about to go on trial. I’m not disclosing her name because she should be remembered as a vibrant college athlete, and not for a sex video that represented her most mortifying moment.

我在Pornhub上看到的一个Girls Do Porn受害者如今已经去世。她20岁时遭到谋杀,嫌疑人是一个愤怒的前男友,他即将上庭。我在这里不会公开她的名字,因为她应当作为一名活力十足的大学运动员被人们铭记,而不是因为一个代表了她最耻辱时刻的性视频。



So what’s the solution?


I had expected the survivors to want to shut down Pornhub and send its executives to prison. Some did, but others were more nuanced. Lydia, now 20, was trafficked as a child and had many rape videos posted on the site. “My stomach hurts all the time” from the tension, she told me, but she doesn’t want to come across as hostile to porn itself.


“I don’t want people to hear ‘No porn!’” Lydia told me. “It’s more like, ‘Stop hurting kids.’”


Susan Padron told me that she had assumed that pornography was consensual, until a boyfriend filmed her in a sex act when she was 15 and posted it on Pornhub. She has struggled since and believes that only people who have confirmed their identities should be allowed to post videos.

苏珊·帕德龙(Susan Padron)告诉我,她以前一直认为色情内容是双方自愿的,直到在她15岁的时候,男朋友把她的性爱视频帖到Pornhub上。此后,她一直在痛苦中挣扎,并且认为应该只有确认了身份的人,才能发布视频。

Jessica Shumway, who was trafficked and had a customer post a sex video on Pornhub, agrees: “They need to figure out who’s underage in the videos and that there’s consent from everybody in it.”

杰西卡·舒姆韦(Jessica Shumway)也持同样的看法。她也被迫拍摄了性爱视频,有个顾客还把一段视频贴在了Pornhub上。“他们需要明确视频中是否有未成年人,而且需要征得所有人的同意才能发布。”

I asked Leo, 18, who had videos of himself posted on Pornhub when he was 14, what he suggested.


“That’s tough,” he said. “My solution would be to leave porn to professional production companies,” because they require proof of age and consent.


Right now, those companies can’t compete with mostly free sites like Pornhub and XVideos.


“Pornhub has already destroyed the business model for pay sites,” said Stoya, an adult film actress and writer. She, too, thinks all platforms — from YouTube to Pornhub — should require proof of consent to upload videos of private individuals.


Columnists are supposed to offer answers, but I struggle with solutions. If Pornhub curated videos more rigorously, the most offensive material might just move to the dark web or to websites in less regulated countries. Yet at least they would then not be normalized on a mainstream site.


More pressure and less impunity would help. We’re already seeing that limiting Section 230 immunity leads to better self-policing.


And call me a prude, but I don’t see why search engines, banks or credit card companies should bolster a company that monetizes sexual assaults on children or unconscious women. If PayPal can suspend cooperation with Pornhub, so can American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

叫我假正经好了,但我就是不明白,为什么搜索引擎、银行或者信用卡公司要支持一个靠性侵儿童或者昏迷女性挣钱的公司。如果PayPal可以暂停跟Pornhub的合作,美国运通(American Express)、万事达(Mastercard)和维萨(Visa)也可以。

I don’t see any neat solution. But aside from limiting immunity so that companies are incentivized to behave better, here are three steps that would help: 1.) Allow only verified users to post videos. 2.) Prohibit downloads. 3.) Increase moderation.


These measures wouldn’t kill porn or much bother consumers of it; YouTube thrives without downloads. Siri Dahl, a prominent porn star who does business with Pornhub, told me that my three proposals are “insanely reasonable.”

这些措施并不会扼杀色情片,也不会给其消费者带来太大困扰;YouTube不能下载,照样蓬勃发展。跟Pornhub有生意往来的著名成人明星西里·达尔(Siri Dahl)告诉我,我的三个建议“非常合理”。

The world has often been oblivious to child sexual abuse, from the Catholic Church to the Boy Scouts. Too late, we prosecute individuals like Jeffrey Epstein or R. Kelly. But we should also stand up to corporations that systematically exploit children. With Pornhub, we have Jeffrey Epstein times 1,000.

从天主教会到童子军,这个世界往往对儿童遭到的性虐待视而不见。起诉杰弗里·爱泼斯坦和R·凯利(R. Kelly)这样的家伙,往往为时已晚。但我们还是应该站出来,反对那些有组织地剥削儿童的公司。有了Pornhub,我们就有了1000个杰弗里·爱泼斯坦。

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