What Should You Wear for Your Micro Wedding?

The coronavirus has forced many couples to abandon their 200-plus guest lists and opt instead for a virtual wedding ceremony or micro wedding. And with these changes also comes a shift in attire — somehow that elaborate ball gown you envisioned wearing before the pandemic seems out of context.


So what would be more appropriate for an intimate setting? Here are some of our favorite options, plus tips from bridal designers on how to choose a wedding-day look that’s perfect for a smaller celebration.


Soft Textures


With so many micro weddings taking place outdoors, airy, romantic gowns are a popular choice. “Dresses made of fabric with movement and flow create a stunning juxtaposition against nature’s setting,” said the designer Claire Pettibone. “Surface textures like delicate lace, subtle beading and dainty embroidery stand out in natural light and photograph beautifully.”

很多微型婚礼在户外举行,因此轻薄浪漫的礼服是很受欢迎的选择。“由富有动感的滑质布料做成的裙子,在自然背景中创造出令人惊叹的对比。”设计师克莱尔·佩蒂伯恩(Claire Pettibone)说,“像精致的蕾丝、点缀的珠串和细碎的绣花这样的材质表面,在自然光中更加显眼,拍照很美。”

Look for easy silhouettes that play up the detailed, ethereal fabric and allow you to move around your al fresco celebration gracefully.


New Minimalism


One of the biggest bridal trends this year has been a resurgence of the minimalist wedding dress. But this bridal look redux is more fashion forward than past understated styles, with designs like sleek long-sleeved gowns with plunging necklines, intricate knot-detail at the waist and structured columns with detachable Watteau trains. “The minimalist look is about emphasizing your natural beauty and creating that wow factor without overdoing it,” said Sharon Sever, the head designer for Galia Lahav. “It’s just the right balance between clean fabrication and a flattering cut.”

今年婚纱的一大风潮是简约礼服的复兴。但这一婚纱造型复潮相比以前低调的风格更加时尚,融入了像低胸长袖亮面礼服、繁复的腰部结扣和带可拆卸华托(Watteau)拖尾的结构造型裙摆这样的设计。“简约风格造型是为了烘托你的自然美,并创造出那种惊叹又不过头的效果。”Galia Lahav的首席设计师莎伦·塞弗(Sharon Sever)说,“就是清爽布料结构和迎合身材的剪裁之间的完美平衡。”

Whether a simple slip dress or a sultry Old Hollywood starlet-inspired gown, the key to this look is effortless elegance.


Modern Ball Gown


Just because you’re having an intimate wedding doesn’t mean you have to give up your ball gown moment. “Your style choices and memories of your big day will live on forever, so choose a gown that allows you to stay true to your idea of what your dream dress is regardless of what type of wedding you’re having,” said the designer Ines Di Santo. “We’re seeing more and more brides opting for streamlined and structured designs with architectural details, which is an update on the classic ball gown.”

办一场小型婚礼并不意味着你就必须放弃大摆礼服。“你的造型选择和喜事回忆将永远伴随你,所以不管你的婚礼是什么风格,忠于自己对梦幻礼服的想法去选择吧,”设计师伊内斯·迪桑托(Ines Di Santo)说,“我们看到越来越多的新娘选择流线型与结构造型、伴以堆砌感细节的设计,这是对传统大摆礼服的升级。”

Contemporary touches, such as peek-a-boo cutouts, pockets, and a flirty side slit also make the look a little less traditional and fussy. Consider a shorter-length train to keep your gown manageable for all-day festivities.


Evening Wear Inspired


Dress the part of the ultimate hostess with a glamorous sheath, beaded dress, or flowing gown. “Look for timeless designs that exude more evening wear allure than red carpet drama,” said Stephanie White, the founder and creative director of Odylyne the Ceremony. Dresses with embroidered details or embellished necklines are a plus because they pick up well on camera.

用一件迷人的套裙、缀珠裙子或滑质礼服来打造当日的女皇吧。“去挑那些更多散发晚礼服诱惑而不是红毯效果的永恒设计,”Odylyne the Ceremony的创始人与创意总监斯蒂芬妮·怀特(Stephanie White)说。有绣花细节或装饰领口的裙子就更棒了,因为很上镜。

A shift to more fluid and less-restrictive dress silhouettes means they can be worn for other special occasions after the wedding. You can find beautiful options from ready-to-wear, non-bridal brands like Needle & Thread.

向更加柔滑而限制更少的版型的转变,意味着裙子在婚礼后还可以在其他特殊场合穿。你可以在一些非婚纱的成衣品牌当中找到很美的选择,比如Needle & Thread。

Make It Short


Short and sassy may work for some brides. Try a dreamy couture mini if you’re a fashion maven, a 3-D embroidered above-the-knee dress to delight your romantic side, or a contemporary one-shoulder mini with a floor-length veil for a mod look. “Short wedding dresses are perfect for many brides right now as they’ve had to adjust their wedding plans to smaller celebrations,” said the designer Sareh Nouri. “It can be a flirty and fun, yet sophisticated look. It also shows off beautiful bridal shoes that make a statement.”

轻短飒爽对一些新娘来说会很合适。如果你是时尚达人,试试梦幻订制迷你裙,让3D的绣花不及膝短裙衬出你浪漫的一面;又或者试试新潮单肩迷你裙,配一条给你六十年代复古感的拖地头纱。“短的婚纱裙现在对很多新娘来说很完美,因为她们被迫调整婚礼计划,改为小型的仪式。”设计师莎蕾·努里(Sareh Nouri)说,“这样的造型可以既性感淘气又不落俗套。它也可以显摆显摆有态度的新娘鞋子。”

Wear the Pants


Channel Bianca Jagger’s sense of style or Solange Knowles on her wedding day and don a sharp white pantsuit or jumpsuit for your nuptials. This look is especially fitting for a city hall or courthouse ceremony followed by cocktails and bites at home. “I also love the drama of an outfit change from your dream dress into a jumpsuit or pants halfway through the day,” said Kate Halfpenny, the designer and founder of Halfpenny London. “Separates like a cool jacket and chic pants are made for these moments and are pieces that you can wear again afterward.”

借鉴一下碧安卡·贾格尔(Bianca Jagger)的风格或索兰吉·诺尔斯(Solange Knowles)的婚礼造型,给婚礼上的自己穿上干练的白色裤装或连身裤装。这一造型尤其适合在市政厅或法院举办仪式,而后在家中享受鸡尾酒与小点。“我还喜欢半天下来从梦幻纱裙换到连身衣或裤装的那种对比效果,”哈夫佩妮伦敦的设计师与创始人凯特·哈夫佩妮(Kate Halfpenny)说,“一件飒夹克和裤子套装正是为这样的时刻而生,而且以后你还可以再穿。”

Among the options: a fun jumpsuit; a bold top and pant set; or a feminine suit, complete with a tailored jacket, cropped pants and bow-tie blouse.


Play With Color


White will forever be a bridal classic, but there is also something special about a colorful wedding dress. “We loving seeing brides think outside of the box with a more spirited attitude,” said Sydney Watters Dunbar, style director at Watters. “A wedding dress with a pop of color or subtle hue is a fresh take on bridal wear and a nice way to tie in the florals of your outdoor celebration.” If you want just a hint of color, choose a gown with a lining in a soft tone. Or go all out in a dress embroidered with a bevy of blossoms.

白色永远是婚纱经典,但是彩色婚礼裙也有独到之处。“我们特别喜欢看到新娘跳出传统思维,拥抱更有活力的态度。”沃特斯(Watters)的风格总监悉尼·沃特斯·邓巴(Sydney Watters Dunbar)说,“一道亮色或者隐约淡色的婚礼裙为新娘装增添灵感,也与户外仪式上的花朵相映生辉。”要是你想隐隐有点色彩,挑一件带暖色衬裙的礼服。或者干脆豁出去挑一件绣满花朵的裙子。

Veil Alternative


If you’re going for a more relaxed bridal look, consider replacing the traditional veil with a flirty birdcage veil, a statement-making headband, or even a chic brimmed hat embellished with some of your wedding flowers. “As brides transition from dramatic cathedral or chapel-length veils to something less formal, they’re being more creative with interesting accessories for their micro wedding,” said the designer Gigi Burris O’Hara, owner of Gigi Burris Millinery. “We’re seeing birdcage veils becoming more popular because they highlight your face with an air of romance and allow you to move about uninhibited whether you’re having a courthouse ceremony, backyard celebration, or virtual vows with family and friends.”

要是你选择更为轻松的新娘造型,考虑将传统的头纱换成一顶风情的鸟笼头纱、一条有态度的发带,甚至一顶时髦的宽檐帽,加以婚礼鲜花的缀饰。“随着现在的新娘们从夸张的大教堂或小教堂长度的头纱转而不那么正式的选择,她们也更有创意,为自己的微型婚礼选择更有趣的配饰,”吉吉·伯里斯女帽(Gigi Burris Millinery) 的拥有者、设计师吉吉·伯里斯·奥哈拉(Gigi Burris O’Hara)说。“我们看到鸟笼式头纱更加流行,因为它们为你的脸部增添了浪漫的感觉,而且让你走动起来无拘无束,不论你与家人和朋友是相聚在法院仪式、后院婚礼,还是线上宣誓。”

Pretty headbands, which have also been featured on the fashion runways, are a fun option for making white jumpsuits and pantsuits feel more bridal. Charming bows, bejeweled hair clips, and elegant hair vines are also great accessories that draw attention to your face and complete a look.


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